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The Vision


Our Vision

The story of our lives is a conflicted one. It is a story of bliss, but a story of tragedy. A story of despair, but also a story of endless hope. So many times in the Bible, humanity is pictured as a tree — a tree with a purpose. The purpose of our lives was to bear fruit that brings out the goodness of our Creator. There is only one problem. Mankind has turned on their Creator, and now instead of bearing good fruit, we instead bear rotten fruit. This fruit is our actions and motives that betray the One who Created us.

Here at Crossroads, we are reminded of that brokenness everyday. We seek to restore that which was lost in the lives of men in Colquitt County. We believe the message of the Gospel is Good News, but it is especially Good News to those who have nothing in their lives to call “good.” We aim to reach out to those most likely to admit their brokenness — some just released from jail, others are former drug users, and still others who have destroyed so much of their lives.

We believe that through the power of the Gospel, these men can be transformed into men who prosper in their relationships, work, and community. Our vision is to take those who had no hope and introduce them to the One who can change everything about them. Once a tree characterized by death, now they are a tree that does not wither, and in everything they do they prosper. They find life because they are connected with their God. They are now being restored day by day, armed with a new heart and a new life.