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  • We are faith-based; we offer men Christ, but also brothers to walk with them.
  • It is not simply three meals and shelter; it is a chance to change their future and thereby the lives of their loved ones.
  • It is a haven, a safe place with encouragement, healing, restoration and genuine hope for opportunities to work.
  • The reality is that no one can truly “make it” in life without Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to guide and lead us all.
  • Men are at a “CrossRoads” in their lives and have chosen a new way.
  • Men are assisted with one-on-one mentors, discipleship training and help in making an individual Action Plan.  We offer them tools not just to get by, but tools to get ahead.  We are not making them ”job ready” but “life ready.”
  • Through CrossRoads Gospel Mission, community business partners have stepped forward to give these men a chance to work again. Even with a criminal record, they are not barred from employment.  It is a chance to start again with assistance and support, while growing towards independence.  The responsibility and independent requirements of work are one important component of a transformed life.
  • Responsibility is fostered in weekly gatherings to review activity sheets, offer suggestions and celebrate victories together.
  • Residents are making new relationships; with God, with other residents, with life coaches (mentors) and with fellow workers.
  • Even after they have ‘graduated’ and moved out of the mission house, they will still have the option of continuing the relationship with their life coach and continuing to participate in the programs offered at Crossroads.

Our Precepts