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Board of Directors

President – Randy Benner

Randy is a part of Heritage Church, but is also is a retired dentist. He is now the Supervising Dentist at Albany State University in the Darton College of Health Professions.

Vice President – Caleb Davis

Caleb is part of Heritage Church and is the owner of Deeply Rooted Tree Service.

Secretary – Gatlyn Peacock

Gatlyn is a part of Heritage Church is one of the directors at Chic Fil A in Moultrie.

Treasurer – Becky Rentz

Becky is part of the the Moultrie Church of God where she works as the Treasurer. She functions in the same role here at Crossroads.

Completing the Board

  • Pam Heidelberg – Friendship Baptist Church, school counselor.
  • Sam McCord, Senior – Autreyville Baptist, retired.
  • Darren Roberson – Mother Easter Baptist Church, Minister, I.T. director for Colquitt County
  • Jeff Sewell – First Baptist Church, Certified Public Accountant at Vines, Wear, and Mangum in Moultrie.
  • Janet Sheldon – First Presbyterian Church, Family Connections of Georgia
  • Teresa Stringer – Heritage Church, retired military and an active part of The Storehouse in Moultrie.
  • Wayne Woods – First Baptist Church, Pastor